Thursday, 3 April 2014

Storksak Tania Bee Baby Change Bag Review


The Tania Bee is surprisingly becoming a favourite. Even though I have been looking for a leather handbag style. I love the range of colours and they even have a Disney version! (basically the graphite one with a mini mouse tag on it and only in America)

H 37cm W 39cm D 21cm

1 zip pocket
6 pockets (2bottle pockets)
Detachable key phob
Padded change mat
Bottle warmer pouch

6 internal pockets plus a zip pocket and a handy key phob

Padded shoulder straps
Long adjustable shoulder strap with built in buggy straps
Large front (with phone pocket inside) and back pockets with magnetic clasps
2 side pockets for drinks and bottles
Zip closure and silver finishing

Front pocket with magnetic clasp and internal phone pocket. Right size for the sunnies

Back pocket with magnetic clasp

2 side pockets for drinks and snacks
The Tania Bee is a great looking "sports style" bag with loads of pockets. Since changing from the Storksak Tote to the Tania Bee, I am finding easy access pockets on the outside is a big requirement in my quest for the perfect baby change bag.

Even with all its features and pockets I find the Tania Bee on the small side. It still doesn't hold everything I want, but if it did I guess it would become too big and heavy. At the moment I have a separate Skip Hop Pronto baby changing mat and another bag with change of clothes for both boys. Food is also carried in a skip hop backpack I use as a side bag on the Navigator.

So what do I have in my bag you ask?

1 bottle and formula
Wallet / travel card
Plastic wallet full of coupons... (been watching extreme couponing)
2 muslins
Toddler hand wipes
Load of disposable bibs
Thermometer / medicine / teething gel
Emergency snacks
Emergency nappies, wipes and change mat (incase I ever forget or runout in my Pronto)
Small camera
Keys / sunnies / pen
Emergency key and card (incase I ever forget my keys or wallet which has happened a few times :/)
Small first aid kit
Change of clothes
Spoon / 2 Yo Sushi learner chopsticks for Harvey

hmmm maybe I carry to much stuff (I look like a bag lady with her trolley when the buggy is fully loaded!) that I don't actually use but then again, Sods Law I will probably need it if I don't have it.

The Tania Bee currently retails for £98 on and comes in black, moss, hot pink, grey stripe, burnt orange and graphite. Would recommend it for the on the go mummy who likes a bit of style but function is priority.

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  1. Looks good, does it fit on the pram or do you have to carry it? I love that you carry learner chopsticks for Harvey :)

    1. Hi Niki, :D When the buggy is in double mode I can't hang the bag off the back as it gets in the way of my legs :( So I hang it to the side or put it ontop of the handles. Need one of those backpack changing bags ;)